Most homeowners are not comfortable getting on their rooftop or do not have the time and necessary equipment to install Christmas lights. Having professional Christmas lights installed on your home can save you hassle and bring you a lot of joy over the holidays.

Safety is the Key Reason.


Installers are on roofs 5-6 days a week for 3-4 months each holiday season and they are comfortable with heights, ladders, and working on rooftops. This is much safer than homeowners getting on their roofs one or two days out of the year. Installers receive the necessary training and safety policies to ensure a safe and productive work environment.


With over a decade of experience installing Christmas lights, Zing is comfortable working on rooftops.


You Can Tailor Professional Christmas Lights.

Professional custom-fit Christmas lights can be tailored to homeowner preferences. Bulbs are screwed individually allowing for different bulb pattern choices. Choose a solid pattern, an alternating pattern, or a unique pattern such as one holly berry red bulb and four green bulbs on the peaks with the rest in white. You will usually want to stick with the same pattern for several years to get the most wear and usage out of the bulbs.

Professional installation companies use high quality, commercial-grade LED bulbs. These bulbs are durable and break resistant. Installers cut the lights to custom-fit the peaks and gutters of homes and office storefronts. They also custom-cut and manage extension cords where needed for a clean and professional look.


Christmas lights installed on a home in the Treasure Valley in Idaho.


A beautiful, clean, and custom-fit Christmas light installation can add warmth and holiday charm to your home and neighborhood. You can view examples of bulb color patterns on Zing's Christmas Lighting Gallery.

Hiring Holiday Tasks Can Help You Enjoy the Holidays.


By hiring out some of the holiday tasks on your list early, you can free up your schedule to be with family and friends. Having lights installed earlier in the season will help you beat the after "Thanksgiving rush" and they will be ready for you when you decide to turn them on.  

You can read more about our Christmas light installation service on our website. You can also request an estimate for a Christmas light installation by clicking here. At Zing Services, we offer Christmas light installation services to commercial, residential, and HOA properties in the Treasure Valley, Middleton, Star, ID, and nearby areas in the Treasure Valley. Call us today at 208-585-9400 to schedule your installation service.