Most homeowners are not comfortable getting on their rooftop or don’t have the time and necessary equipment. Having professional Christmas lights done can save you the hassle and bring you a lot of joy over the holidays.

What Are the Main Benefits of Professional Christmas Lights?

Safety is the Key Reason.

Holiday light installers usually begin installing lights in early fall while the weather is nice. This also allows homeowners to enjoy their lights longer due to the short holiday season. Installers are on roofs every day for 3-4 months each season and they are comfortable with heights, ladders, and working on rooftops. This is much safter than getting on your roof one day out of the year. They receive the necessary training and company safety policies that ensure a safe and productive work environment.

You Can Tailor Professional Christmas Lights.

Professional custom-fit holiday lights can be tailored to your preferences. Installation companies screw in each bulb individually allowing for different pattern choices. Choose a solid pattern, an alternating pattern, or even one holly berry bulb and four green bulbs on the peaks with the rest in white. Other popular looks include game day football colors and Halloween or fall colors. Several examples can be viewed here.

Professional installation companies use high quality, commercial-grade LED bulbs. These bulbs are durable and break resistant. The installers cut the lights to custom-fit the peaks and gutters of your home. Crew members are trained and experienced in cutting and splicing lines. They can cut and make extension cords where needed for a clean, professional look.

Holiday mood board graphic.

There Are Drawbacks With DIY Installations.

By purchasing holiday lights from a big box store and doing the installation yourself will limit your possibilities. Store-bought lights cannot be custom tailored to fit your home or your color preferences. Also, if one bulb goes out it affects entire sections. Another downside is that you must install and maintain the lights yourself. Unless you are an experienced roofer or electrician, this may cause you to refrain from putting lights up at all.

Christmas Decorating Can Lift Your Mood.

Here is an article from the Today Show discussing how science shows that decorating for the holidays can actually make you happier. It was from the year 2020 when we were all searching for a bit of cheer, but give it a try again this year and see if it lifts your mood. Decorating early doesn’t mean you are skipping Halloween or Thanksgiving . . . you could even have a holiday tree by your door decorated with lights and fall ornaments first.

Companies Offer a One-Stop Shop With Professional Christmas Lights.

Experienced crews install, maintain, remove, and store the lights for you. If any issues come up during the season, they will come out and fix it for you. There is no need for you to climb ladders and get on your roof. At the end of the season, they will remove your lights and store them for you for the year. Your home can have a beautiful and festive look without getting on your roof yourself – just schedule it and come home to it all done for you!

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Our company offers free, quick estimates and can quote all sides of your home separately. Our schedule fills up early in the season, so don’t hesitate to request an estimate for service today!