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We provide outstanding lawn and pest control services for properties in Boise, ID.

Our services include lawn care, tree and shrub care, and pest control.

The capital of Idaho, Boise, is a beautiful and dynamic city that offers different attractions for locals and residents, such as the Boise River Greenbelt, the Boise Art Museum, Zoo Boise, and more.

At Zing Services, we provide lawn care and pest control services for homes and businesses in Boise, ID. Aside from keeping your turf healthy, we also offer tree and shrub care services, so your investments remain healthy and beautiful year-round.

We provide a variety of exceptional lawn care services.

Natural brown fertilizer in spreader in Boise, Idaho.

Having a thriving green lawn year-round is every property owner's goal, and you can accomplish that goal when you take advantage of our lawn care services. Our team offers these lawn care services to properties in Boise, ID:

  • Lawn Fertilization: Our fertilization program starts in early spring and runs until late fall, so your turf will have a consistent supply of nutrients throughout the year.
  • Lawn Weed Control: The liquid weed control we use for your lawn targets common weeds in Boise, such as dandelions, clover, crabgrass, and more.
  • Core Aeration: We offer core aeration in the spring and fall so that essential resources can reach the roots of your grass with no problem.
  • Overseeding: Say goodbye to bare patches in your lawn when you overseed your cool-season turf in the fall.
  • Lawn Insect Control: We target grubs which are a large problem in Boise, as well as sod webworms and billbugs.
  • Lawn Disease Control: We can treat common lawn diseases such as blight and red thread.
  • Shrub Bed Weed Control: Our weed control treatments for your landscape beds include pre-emergent applications as well as spot treatments to control weeds effectively.

We Provide Pest Control Treatments to Ensure Your Property is Safe

Dealing with pests can be frustrating. Our team provides pest control treatments that will keep your property free of pests.

  • Perimeter Pest Control: We spray a pest control treatment a few feet up your building and a few feet on your lawn to create an effective barrier against pests such as spiders, ants, earwigs, and more.
  • Mosquito Control: We offer mosquito control treatments to keep these insects at bay.

Give your trees and shrubs the best care with fertilization, insect, and disease control treatments.

Tree care professional examining a landscape tree in Boise, ID.

We can't forget about your trees and shrubs. These plants add freshness and vibrance to your property, and we like to maintain that with our tree and shrub care services.

  • Tree & Shrub Fertilization: We help keep your trees and shrubs healthy by giving them sufficient nutrients through fertilizer treatments.
  • Tree & Shrub Disease Control: We have a licensed arborist on staff to treat your plants if any disease falls upon them.
  • Tree & Shrub Insect Control: The best time to get ahead of insects like aphids and ash borers is in the spring before they can damage your plants.

Our Christmas lighting service can illuminate your trees, shrubs, and other landscape features during the festive holiday season.

Call our pros today to schedule any of our services.

At Zing Services, our team focuses on cultivating healthy, green lawns and looking after the health of your trees and shrubs. You can also rely on our crew to keep your property safe from pests with our pest control services! Whether you own a home or business in Boise, we are ready to help you. Call our pros today at 208-585-9400 to schedule any of our services.