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We offer lawn care and pest control services to homes and businesses in Caldwell, ID.

Our crew strives to strengthen lawns, keep pests away, and take care of trees and shrubs.

Caldwell, ID is a beautiful city that is located in Canyon County. This 22.6 square mile city offers great attractions such as the Van Slyke Agricultural Museum, the Indian Creek Musical Art Park, AgVenture Trail, and more. Since it was established in 1883, Caldwell has come a long way in building a tight-knit community of thriving families and businesses.

At Zing Services, we are ready to help homeowners and business owners in Caldwell care for their lawns and keep pests away from their properties. Our team is also very skilled at looking after the health of trees and shrubs. If you need help dressing up your property during the holiday season, we can also help with our Christmas lighting installation service.

We offer top-of-the-line lawn care services.

Green lawn and thriving landscape trees near Caldwell, ID.

At Zing Services, we work hard to set your lawn up for success. Routine lawn care is necessary to keep your grass healthy, but it can be time-consuming and tedious. Not everyone can squeeze in the time, but we're ready to help. Whether you need regular fertilization or the dynamic duo of core aeration and overseeding, we've got you covered.

Weed control is also essential. However, your lawn is not the only place on your property that you need to protect from weeds. Your shrub beds can also benefit from our weed control treatments. Below is the complete list of our lawn care services:

We also provide Christmas light installation to brighten up your lawn and landscape during the holidays.

Protect Your Loved Ones From Pests & Their Itchy Bites

A child with mosquito bites on their arm in Caldwell, Idaho.

Pests can be tough to deal with, especially when you don't know where to start. At Zing Services, we do. Aphids, spiders, ants, earwigs, and other pests can enter your home or business without proper treatment. Luckily, our perimeter pest control treatment can prevent these bugs from entering your home or business.

Mosquitoes are also a significant problem in Caldwell. Their bites can transmit diseases, which is why you need to protect your loved ones from them. Our pest control services include these treatments:

Our tree and shrub care services keep your plants in tip-top shape.

Aside from your lawn, we also look after the health of your trees and shrubs. These plants provide color for your home or business, which means your curb appeal will suffer when your trees and shrubs are under distress. Keeping your trees and shrubs nourished with vital nutrients is a priority so they can remain in tip-top shape throughout the year.

Aphids, ash borers, mites, and sequoia pitch moths are some common insects in Caldwell. Our team at Zing Services knows the best times to apply treatments to keep them away. We also know how to treat diseases that can detrimentally affect the health and appearance of your plants. Our tree and shrub care services include:

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At Zing Services, we have the skills and knowledge to look after your lawn, trees, and shrubs. You can also rely on us to keep pesky pests away from your property and stop them from biting you and your loved ones. We serve homes and businesses in Caldwell, ID, and throughout the surrounding areas. Call us today at 208-585-9400 to schedule our lawn care services or any of the other services that we offer.