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We offer lawn care, Christmas lighting, and pest control services to properties in Meridian, ID.

Our lawn care, Christmas lighting, and pest control services ensure your property is at its best year-round.

Meridian, ID is a family-friendly city nestled between Nampa and Boise. If you're looking for some parks to visit in Meridian, you can check out Discovery Park or Settlers Park. There are also a number of other outdoor activities in this area including the Wahooz Family Fun Zone and the Roaring Springs Water Park, among others.

At Zing Services, our team is always thrilled to help homeowners and business owners ensure their property is always at its best. We offer lawn care, Christmas lighting, and pest control services.

Our Lawn Care Services Will Boost The Health & Appearance of Your Turf

Lawn care services are needed throughout the year in order to keep your lawn healthy and looking its best. At Zing Services, we offer lawn fertilization and weed control treatments to boost the health of your grass and eliminate weeds that compete with your turf for vital nutrients. We go above and beyond in all we do, which is why we also provide shrub bed weed control.

Our core aeration service will reduce soil compaction on your lawn to allow more nutrients to reach and nourish the roots of your turf. We also offer an overseeding service to refresh the appearance of your yard by filling in the bare patches on your lawn with new grass growth.

Pesky insects like billbugs, sod webworms, and grubs that can damage your turf's health have no place in your yard, which is why we offer a lawn insect control service. We also treat common lawn diseases that are common to the Meridian area, such as blight and red thread. Our tree and shrub care services involve effective fertilization treatments and insect and disease control, so your plants can thrive year-round.

Brighten up your property in Meridian with our Christmas lighting service.

Meridian, ID home with red and green Christmas lights.

The holiday season can be stressful, and you need all the help you can get. At Zing Services, we can take Christmas lighting installation off your plate! We've been providing this service to homes and businesses in and around Meridian since 2010. Our experienced crew will install, take down, and store the lights for you, so you have less to worry about during the holidays.

When you hire us, the energy-efficient LED bulbs we use to brighten up your property are yours forever!

Keep your home or business safe with our pest control services.

The summer in Meridian is best enjoyed outdoors. However, mosquitoes are active during the warm months, and they can hamper the time you spend in your yard. If you're tired of their buzzing sound and itchy bites, our mosquito control service is available to you. We will treat their hiding spots with our backpack foggers so you can have your summer back.

We also offer perimeter pest control service to keep the inside of your home or business safe from pesky pests such as spiders, ants, earwigs, and more. It's never fun to discover pests have entered your property, which is why we apply treatments outside of your home or business to keep them from getting inside.

Call our crew to book our lawn care, Christmas lighting, and pest control services.

Whether you want a stronger lawn or a cheery property during the holiday, we are always ready to help. We serve commercial, residential, and HOA properties in Meridian, ID. Call our crew today at 208-585-9400 to schedule our lawn care, Christmas lighting, or pest control services.