“Being Good Stewards, Good People,

and a Good Influence Builds Stronger

Communities and Makes a More Beautiful World.”

The Vision of Zing

Here at Zing we strive to build a culture that our employees are proud to be a part of and that our clients love to support. We aim to leave spaces and people better than we found them. We have strong relationships with our employees and our clients.

We have a vision statement that guides our decisions and actions: “Being Good Stewards, Good People, and a Good Influence Builds Stronger Communities and Makes a More Beautiful World.” By incorporating this into all aspects of our business, we can become more than just a lawn and tree care company. We can give back in more influential and meaningful ways while building the character and strength of our team.

Why Hire Zing?

As a locally owned and operated business we greatly value and appreciate our customers. We are professionally licensed and insured helping us guarantee satisfaction from our customers.  We strive to provide top of the line services and products that you can trust. Our office staff and crew members are professional, friendly, courteous, and take pride in their work. We value and appreciate our team and do our best to provide an environment that keeps them safe, happy, and engaged in their work. Our team is continually learning and striving to stay on top of the latest techniques and information pertaining to our industry.

A few key aspects of our company that sets us apart from our competition is our year-round services that we provide for our clients. From early spring dormant oil and pre-emergent applications to Christmas lighting services over the holiday season, we are here the entire year. We also offer tree and shrub care to protect your landscape from common Treasure Valley issues. We can help your trees and shrubs thrive and reach their full potential.

Many of our clients have been with us since the beginning days of Zing and have realized the value and dependability of our services. We have many 5-star reviews and encourage clients to follow us on social media to get to know us better and stay on top of our services throughout the year.

The Power of Getting Things Done

What would you do if you had more hours in a day given to you? Would you use it to finish much needed projects around the house you have been neglecting? Would you take a nap or go to the gym? Would you finally sit down and finish or maybe start that book you’ve got brewing? We all have lists . . . lists of things that need done and lists of things to do someday.

Hiring a professional can save you time and money. If there are tasks that you feel can be done more efficiently and professionally by others, let them do them. Free yourself of those things that would take you twice as long and let the professionals come in who do these services every day. Your time is an investment towards yourself and your future. Guard and protect it. Do those things that will improve your quality of life whether that is financially, emotionally, or physically, etc. The satisfaction that you will feel knowing that the things on your lists are getting done will be worth “letting go” of those tasks that can be done by experts.

The services we offer at Zing are designed to give you more time. Putting down pre-emergents early in the season will save you time by not pulling weeds later. Having your lawn on a regular weed and feed program will save you time researching and shopping for products and solutions. Having your trees sprayed and injected with nutrients and insecticides will save time pruning and/or money replacing them. Having Zing install, maintain, and remove your Christmas lights will save you time over the holidays and reduce your risk of injury. We would love to help you do those things you want to do and should be doing with your time!