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Overseeding Offered in & Around Middleton, Star, & Eagle, ID

The thick, lush lawn of your dreams is within reach with our overseeding service.

No property owner wants their lawn to be patchy, thin, and lifeless. Our team at Zing Services offers an overseeding service that will solve that problem by filling in bare patches on your lawn. We service areas in the Treasure Valley, such as Middleton, Star, Eagle, and nearby cities in Idaho. To overseed your lawn, our team uses a blend of cool-season grass seeds. We offer this service in the fall and pair it with our core aeration service. We strongly recommend that you add on our starter fertilizer treatment to ensure the best results.

We use a mix of cool-season grass seeds to overseed your lawn.

Cool-season grasses are the dominant grass type here in Idaho. They thrive in our climate and, because of that, our team uses cool-season grass seeds for our overseeding service. More specifically, we utilize a premium blend of 60% ryegrass and 40% Kentucky bluegrass seeds to overseed your lawn. Ryegrass is a fine-bladed grass that is ideal for yards that receive a lot of foot or pet traffic. It also tends to germinate fairly quickly compared to other grass types. Kentucky bluegrass also holds up well on high-traffic lawns and tends to spread rapidly, which means you'll have a full lawn in no time. By overseeding with a grass type that thrives in this area, your new seedlings will have a much better chance at successfully germinating and establishing strong root systems.

When do we offer our overseeding service?

Zing lawn care professional holding seeds beside sowing machine in Boise, ID.

Here at Zing Services, we choose to offer our overseeding service in the fall because the fall season provides your new seedlings with an environment that promotes root system development and healthy growth. In the fall, the daytime temperatures are still warm enough to encourage grass growth while the temperature of your soil is cool and ideal for root development.

We also offer our overseeding service in conjunction with our core aeration service. This is because pairing overseeding with core aeration will provide much better results than if you just scheduled overseeding on its own. We aerate your lawn using an aerator machine to remove small cores of soil with the goal of reducing compaction. Our machine drops seeds at the same time, offering both services with less equipment traffic on your lawn. This allows the new grass seeds to fall into the small holes from the aeration. This gives the seedlings a better chance of successfully germinating.

To maintain the density of your lawn, we recommend that you schedule our overseeding service once a year.

For the best results, add on our starter fertilizer treatment.

Granular brown fertilizer pellets in spreader in Meridian, ID.

When you schedule our overseeding service, you have the option of adding our starter fertilizer treatment to the service. Starter fertilizers have a higher concentration of phosphorus than typical fertilizers do. The role of phosphorus in fertilizer is to help your grass use and store energy. Following an overseeding service with a starter fertilizer treatment puts your new seedlings on the right track towards quick germination, successful root establishment, and healthy growth.

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Since 2010, our lawn care experts at Zing Services have proudly served areas in the Treasure Valley, such as Middleton, Star, Eagle, and nearby areas in Idaho. We are so confident that you will be thrilled with our work that we back all of our services with a 100% satisfaction, money-back guarantee. If you are interested in finally achieving the dense, lush lawn you've always wanted, give us a call at 208-585-9400 to sign up for our overseeding service today!