Perimeter Pest Control – Protect Your Home This Winter

Exterior pest control applications effectively keep spiders and insects off and out of your home.

Now is the Time to Protect Your Home From Intruding Insects


As the Weather Turns Cooler, Insects Migrate Indoors.

As the season changes from fall to winter, insects begin searching for residence inside of structures. By applying insect control treatments around the perimeter of your home and other structures, you can keep insects at bay.

Consistency is the key to effectively keeping these pests off and out of your home. A perimeter pest control program repels a variety of insects including spiders, ants, earwigs, wasps, and other household pests. Targeted control can eliminate pest populations where these insects live and reduce their ability to become a nuisance inside.

By regularly treating and clearing web debris, you can keep your home and outdoor spaces insect-free. The more often you stay on top of this maintenance task, the fewer insects and nests you will see.

Pest control treatments provide 2-3 months worth of protection. Professional services apply a granular or liquid treatment around access points and along the foundations of homes and structures. They also have an extension web removal brush that they use to clear away any spider webs and hornet nests.

Perimeter Pest Control Maintenance Is Worth Having.

By pairing this service along with your other regular property services such as lawn fertilizing or window washing, you can easily stay on top of unwanted insects. Regular upkeep and maintenance can be very effective and add value to your property. Some people may choose to have treatments applied in close intervals (6-8 weeks) while others may elect to do them quarterly. Whatever, you preference is, the key for success is consistency.

You can be assured that our pest control treatments are safe for children and pets. The best strategy for protection is to allow the treatments to fully dry before letting your littles go near the treated areas. Just let the technician know if there are areas of your home or structure that you wish not to be treated.

If you currently employ a pest control company ask us for an estimate. We are certain that we will save you some money and you are sure to love our work!

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