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We provide tree and shrub bed fertilization service that includes tree injections, and nutrient soil drenches to property owners in the Treasure Valley area including Boise, Kuna, Meridian, Eagle, Nampa, Star, Caldwell, Middleton and surrounding areas.

Trees add value and beauty to communities, neighborhoods and your property. Just like lawns, they need nutrients to remain healthy and strong.  Keep your trees strong and healthy by giving them regular nutrient and pest protection. Trees that lack proper nutrition can show signs of stress and become more prone to insect and disease problems or develop a nutrient deficiency such as chlorosis.

Our tree care team can work with you to develop the most effective maintenance and care program for your trees. Our licensed technicians can diagnose and treat common tree issues in the Treasure Valley. Our tree care team is sure to provide our clients with high quality and professional care for all your trees and shrubs.

From soil drenches, to tree injections and foliar sprays, our tree care team can help your trees and shrubs look their best.

Well-manicured and maintained shrub beds also add value and aesthetic appeal to your property and neighborhood. They can add color, structure and focal points within your landscape, but don’t just happen on their own. While they are low-maintenance, they are certainly not no-maintenance. Landscapes require nutrients and protection to grow and thrive. Without these key nutrients in the soil, they will not reach their maximum potential.

Our licensed technicians can take a look at your trees and shrubs and can recommend a care and fertilization program to ensure they reach their potential and grow healthy and beautiful.

Service Areas. Our tree and shrub fertilization program covers cities within the Treasure Valley including Boise, Meridian, Eagle, Kuna, Star, Nampa, Caldwell, and Middleton. If you are interested in our tree and shrub fertilization services just fill out our free estimate form and we will contact you promptly.

If you think your tree(s) could benefit from added nutrients and fertilization our certified tree care team can provide the care your tree needs to be healthy and strong. We work with residential, commercial and HOA property owners in the Treasure Valley and throughout the Ada and Canyon counties including Boise, Kuna, Meridian, Eagle, Nampa, Star, Caldwell and Middleton. You can contact our office today at 208-585-9400 or by email at to get on our schedule.

Tree Chlorosis

Trees Need Regular Maintenance & Care to Look Their Best

Everybody loves a great looking lawn, but trees and a manicured landscape will also help increase the value and look of your home and neighborhood. As we service many homes and businesses in the Treasure Valley, we see many trees that are diseased and dying. People tend to plant their trees and forget about them. Trees need ongoing care and attention and with our licensed technicians here at Zing we can help your trees look their best. Here is some good tree care advice:

    1. Regular Maintenance. It is a good idea to prune your trees in the fall or early spring before buds leaf out. This allows you to see the entire structure of the tree canopy. Look for any crossing branches, downward growing branches, and any diseased or broken branches and remove these. By opening up tree canopies it helps the tree breathe and better receive sunlight and air. If your trees are large and you need professional assistance you can contact us. We do not prune trees but we can recommend someone who does.
    2. Fertilization. Trees need the right nutrients to stay healthy and strong. Chlorosis is one of the most common and most noticeable tree health concerns we see. Leaves turn bright green and eventually yellow due to a lack of chlorophyll. If not treated early the tree will eventually lack the nutrients it needs and will die. Its growth and potential will never be reached and it will be under stress allowing bugs and disease to invade more easily.
    3. Insecticide Protection. Trees in the Treasure Valley are susceptible to many insects. Some of the most common and invasive ones are Aphids, Borers, Cottony Maple Scale, Sequoia Pitch Moth, Spider Mites, etc. If trees are left to defend themselves, they will could succumb to one of these problems and eventually die. Our spring fertilizer drench has a systemic insecticide protecting the tree from many insect problems. Trees absorb the fertilizer and insecticide treatment and transport it all throughout their leaves and branches. When insects try to take up residence and nibble on the tree they die. It’s a great way to protect your trees each spring for the upcoming battle of the bugs.
    4. Room to Grow. Trees, shrubs and lawn all compete for resources to thrive. Be sure to plant your trees in a large bed away from any lawn. Too often homeowners will plant a tree right smack in the middle of the lawn with a small circle base. Trees need adequate water and fertilization just like lawns do, especially newly established trees. If you really want to plant a tree in your lawn make sure it has a large tree ring. Trees that don’t have to compete with lawn for air, water and nutrients grow twice as fast as trees that do. Avoid planting trees, shrubs, and plants prior to periods of stressful weather conditions to allow for successful growth.
    5. A Watchful Eye. Trees are an investment and should be treated as such. Your work is not done once you stick them in the dirt. Each season brings different insect invasions and diseases. Watch for any signs of stress including early leaf drop, wilting leaves, bark splitting, or any other abnormal signs. With the right treatment, most trees can recover if caught early enough.