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Seasonal Tree & Shrub Packages

Large Tree Package

Mature trees are perhaps the most valuable part of any landscape. They also vary significantly in their maintenance requirements. Our tree professionals work with you to develop the most effective maintenace program for your specific situation and type of trees. Knowing what different trees require and when to address those needs is critical to tree health.

What It Includes:‚Äč

Shrub & Small Tree Package

Our Shrub & Small tree package is designed to protect and enhance your landscape investment by giving your trees & shrubs every advantage they need to thrive. Knowing when and how to fertilize and treat for insects and disease is key to a good shrub & tree program.

What It Includes:

Shrub Bed Weed Control Package

This is a great way to save on the back breaking work of weeding your shrub and flower beds. This package coincides with our Lawn Care Package and helps keep weeds from invading your landscape. The first application is applied in early spring and includes a pre-emergent in your shrub beds and spot treatment of any exisiting weeds. Our pre-emergent treatment will stop 70% – 80% of new weed seeds from germinating. We then come out alongside our Lawn Care Package applications and spot treat any new weeds in your beds.

What It Includes: