lawn winterizing application

Lawn Winterizing Application – Important for Lawn Health

A fall lawn winterizing application promotes deep root development, quick spring green-up, and effective weed control. This is the most important lawn application of the season.   Feed Your Lawn Well With a Winterizing Application Before Its Dormancy Season   If You Only Fertilize Once a Year, Now is the Time To Do It.  …

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lawn aerations and overseeding

Lawn Aerations and Overseeding – Key Maintenance Tasks

Regular lawn aerations and overseeding is the best way to foster healthy grass growth in the coming year.┬áThe prime time to overseed cool-season grasses is late summer to early fall.   What You Do Now Will Pay Off Next Season   How Do Lawn Aerations and Overseeding Improve Lawn Health?   Overseeding is simply the…

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deep lawn roots

Lawn Health – Why Deep Roots Matter

We know we talk a lot on the topic of proper irrigation and mowing practices to encourage deep root growth. However, we thought it would be beneficial for homeowners if we explained this important aspect of lawn health a bit more in depth. Our technicians visit a lot of lawns in the valley and they…

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Weed Control – How To Get Ahead and Stay Ahead

Many local weeds are annuals which means that they grow from seed each year. Having a regular maintenance program will significantly reduce their impact on your property and will save you time.   Ways You Can Get Ahead and Win the War of the Weeds   Lawn Pre-Emergents Are Key Investing in preventative weed control…

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Lawn Disease Issue

Lawn Issues in the Treasure Valley

Beautiful lawns don’t just happen on their own. If left alone, most will succumb to lawn issues which can be costly to repair. A regular maintenance program will ensure the health and vigor of your lawn which will protect it from invasive intruders. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” (Benjamin Franklin)…

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Tree Chlorosis

Tree Issues that are Common in the Treasure Valley

Trees and landscapes often get neglected due to busy schedules and lifestyles. They get planted and cared for during the first year of getting established, but this care and maintenance tends to taper off. If trees and shrubs are planted and left alone, they will fall victim to disease or insect invasion at some point,…

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