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We provide lawn core aeration services to property owners in the Treasure Valley area including Boise, Kuna, Meridian, Eagle, Nampa, Star, Caldwell, Middleton and surrounding areas.

Blanket picnics, naps in the shade, and playing with the kids and the dogs are great ways to rejuvenate and relax. Having a lawn that can provide a relaxing retreat doesn’t just happen on its own. Taking advantage of a few lawn care tips will pay off with a great lawn. One of those best care tips is ensuring that your lawn’s root zone is healthy and receiving adequate nutrition by having a regular lawn core aeration.

In the quest for a healthy and beautiful lawn, core aerating ranks as one of the top best-kept secrets. Aerating regularly helps to promote good root health and allows water, air and nutrients to reach your lawn’s root zone. Heavy traffic areas, compacted soil and a thick thatch layer will greatly benefit from a regular aeration. Compacted soil suppresses root growth and grass grows less, thins and eventually dies. Thatch is a layer of dead grass and other lawn debris that accumulates on top of the soil. Signs that indicate your lawn may need aerated are:


  • water puddling on lawn after rain or sprinkler runs
  • thatch layer thicker than one-half inch
  • difficulty sticking a screwdriver into soil
  • heavy clay soil
  • thin, patchy or bare grass
  • compacted soil in high traffic areas
  • you have never aerated before or it has been several years

The best time to have a lawn core aeration done is either in the spring or in the fall. The moisture level in the ground is an important factor in making sure our aerator can extract an effective sized plug. If the ground is dry it will be difficult for the aerator to punch a deep enough hole into the ground. If the ground is too wet it is extremely soft and the aerator cannot pull out a quality plug.

Most lawns only need a core aeration once a year, but smaller high traffic lawns may need one in the spring and in the fall.

A core aerator pokes holes in the lawn and removes 2-3” plugs of soil and turf from the ground and places them on the surface of the grass. It takes a few weeks for these plugs to break down and as they do, they place nutrients back into the soil.

A strong root system is the key to having a healthy, lush and weed-free lawn. Here are few key benefits to having a lawn core aeration done:

  • Increases oxygen, water, and nutrient intake
  • Improves fertilizer uptake and effectiveness
  • Reduces water runoff and puddling
  • Promotes stronger and deeper lawn roots
  • Reduces soil compaction, especially in high traffic areas
  • Enhances heat and drought stress tolerance
  • Improves resiliency and cushioning
  • Enhances thatch breakdown
  • Improves lawn growth in bare or patchy areas

Core aerating helps establish healthy and deep lawn roots that enable your lawn to withstand summer heat and drought conditions.

Service Areas. Our aeration service covers cities within the Treasure Valley including Boise, Meridian, Eagle, Kuna, Star, Nampa, Caldwell, and Middleton. If you are interested in having a lawn aeration done, fill out our free estimate form and we will contact you promptly.

If you’re having issues with bare areas or lawn puddling on your property we can help. Call our office today to get on our schedule for a spring or fall lawn core aeration. We work with residential, commercial and HOA property owners in the Treasure Valley and throughout the Ada and Canyon counties including Boise, Kuna, Meridian, Eagle, Star, Nampa, Caldwell and Middleton. You can contact our office today at 208-585-9400 or by email at to get on our schedule.

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A Few Things You Can Do to Prepare for Your Lawn Core Aeration

  • Mark underground sprinkler heads and invisible fencing with flags or stakes
  • All debris from your lawn should be removed
  • Mow and lightly water your lawn 24 hours before your scheduled service

Our core aerator punches holes into your lawn and leaves 2-3” size plugs of soil lying on the surface of your lawn. These plugs will take up to two weeks to break back down into your soil. Be sure to take that into consideration before you schedule that backyard BBQ.

When you have your lawn aerated it’s also a good time to overseed, because the holes made by the aerator allow for greater seed to soil contact which makes it easier for the seeds to germinate.

So, let us help you establish a regular aeration schedule for your lawn.  When you have a healthy and lush lawn, you will be glad you did.

Our Fall Core Aeration Services are Most Beneficial to Your Lawn When Paired with Overseeding

Core aerating along with overseeding in the fall is the best way to foster healthy grass growth in the coming year. Overseeding is simply the method of spreading grass seed over an existing lawn. As grasses mature, thinning is normal – especially in high traffic areas. Overseeding keeps your lawn lush and vigorous without starting over from scratch. Overseeding on a regular basis will keep your lawn looking its best.

Overseeding at the time of a fall aeration helps produce a higher rate of seed germination. The key is to not wait to overseed until your lawn in looking bare and scarce in spots. Golf courses use the practice of overseeding as a routine maintenance practice to keep their courses looking their best.  Zing has the latest equipment allowing us to overseed and aerate at the same time.  This greatly improves the germination rate because many of the lawn seeds make their way into the tiny holes created when aerating.  It also helps by allowing water, nutrients, and air to reach the root zone.

The lawn plugs may be unappealing to the eye, but refrain the urge to rake them up. They will break down and absorb back into the soil in a few weeks. This will add more nutrients back into your soil as well.