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Our Lawn Fertilizing Program Will Green Up Your Lawn This Summer & Help Protect It Against Drought, Disease & Insects

In order to achieve a green and healthy lawn, it needs the right nutrients and protection all season.

Granular brown fertilizer in spreader in Meridian, ID.

The purpose of fertilizer is to fortify your turf with nutrients that will ultimately encourage strong, healthy roots and choke out weeds. Pre-emergent herbicides applied in early spring will significantly reduce weeds on your property throughout the season. Consistently feeding your lawn and protecting it against disease and insects all season will give it its best chance to thrive and look its best.

Many homeowners initially try to care for their lawn's nutrients and protection needs themselves, but often find that the time and costs associated with this task are more than what they had planned.

After researching the costs of DIY lawn products versus hiring a professional lawn company, many find that they actually save in the long run by having a professional lawn applicator on their property regularly. A professional lawn fertilizing and weed control program is actually quite affordable and worth the time and financial savings.

However, lawns do require ongoing attention and care to reach optimal performance. Here at Zing we can help educate homeowners with best lawn maintenance practices to achieve a green, healthy, and weed-free lawn all season.

When you schedule our fertilization program, our team will visit your property regularly from early spring, summer, and into fall to apply fertilizer as well as other treatments such as weed control pre-emergents and a billbug preventative. The fertilizer that we use is natural-based, improves your soil health, and even conserves water by increasing your soil's water retention capacity.

If you're interested in improving your lawn's health and gaining a beautiful, green lawn, we can be your lawn buddy all season! Just give us a call at 208-585-9400. We offer our lawn care services in Middleton, Star, Eagle, Meridian, Nampa and surrounding areas throughout the Treasure Valley.

Our 5 visit lawn care program.

Deep green lawn receiving a fertilization treatment in Boise, ID.

Our professionals use fertilizer treatments that are full of essential resources like nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, micronutrients, humic acid, and peat moss.

In addition to fertilizing your lawn, our lawn care program also includes weed control treatments as well as a billbug control treatment. Our lawn care schedule includes 5 separate visits as outlined below:

  • Early Spring: In the early spring, our team will fertilize your grass to give it a great start to the spring growing season. This treatment will boost your lawn by feeding it essential nutrients that will help revive it from dormancy. At this time, we will also apply a weed control application as well as a pre-emergent herbicide that helps prevent most weed seeds from germinating.
  • Mid-Spring: We will apply a second round of fertilizer mid-spring to help your lawn continue growing vibrant, green grass. Another round of weed control and pre-emergent is applied to keep weeds at bay.
  • Early Summer: In early summer, our crew will reapply a fertilizer treatment to strengthen your grass so that it can endure the summer heat and stress. We will also take care of any weeds that may be present with a weed control treatment. At this time, we will apply billbug control to protect your grass from these common lawn insects and their damage.
  • Late Summer: Our late summer fertilizer treatment will help your grass continue to thrive and retain nutrients as the summer continues. Another round of weed control is added.
  • Late Fall: The last application of fertilizer that we will administer to your turf will be to gear your lawn up for the winter season so that it can go into dormancy in optimal condition. Our crew will also apply the last round of weed control.

Our fertilizer is crafted by a local company here in Idaho! We are proud to support local employees and their families.

We use a natural-based lawn fertilizer that increases plant and soil health and conserves water.

Brown granular fertilizer loaded into a hopper for use in Middleton, ID.

When you sign up for our lawn fertilization program, we will distribute our premium blend of slow-release, natural-based granular fertilizer throughout your lawn. These treatments will do wonders for the health of your soil and grass. For example, our fertilizer: 

  • Releases nutrients at a steadier rate when compared to other fertilizers due to the carbon in the peat moss. This means that it reduces excessive growth by holding the nutrients until your grass needs them; your grass can take in the nutrients as slowly or as quickly as it needs to.
  • Focuses on replacing organic matter in your soil by feeding the beneficial microbes within your soil.
  • Increases nutrient uptake at the root level by adding natural humic acid.
  • Helps conserve water, which is extremely important here in Idaho. The high carbon content from the humic acid improves soil water retention capacity. Additionally, the peat moss holds 20 times its weight in water, allowing water to stay at the top layers instead of washing out.

You can read more about the product we use in our lawn fertilizer program on our blog article, "The Benefits of Homogeneous Carbon-Bound Lawn Fertilizer".

It's never too late to start a lawn care program with fertilizer and weed control.

Fertilizer should never be overlooked as part of your lawn care routine because it will keep your grass healthy and encourage consistent growth and protection.

Some customers will ask us when the best time is to put lawn fertilizer down and our answer is now. A well fed and healthy lawn will be able to better resist weeds, insects, disease and heat throughout the year. Our lawn care program will keep your lawn strong, lush, and green all season long. A strong healthy lawn root system will help your lawn withstand summer heat and drought as well.

At Zing Services, we offer our lawn care program to communities in the Treasure Valley, including Middleton, Star, Eagle, Meridian, and Nampa, ID. Give us a call today at 208-585-9400 to sign up for this service! We look forward to working with you to help you get the beautiful and healthy lawn you are after!