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Protect Your Trees & Shrubs From Damaging Insects

Preventative and curative tree and shrub insect control preserves plant health and avoids costly insect damage

Insects can be a real problem for property owners because they can infest trees and plants, causing damage to them. If insects are a problem for your trees and shrubs, the only effective way to mitigate this issue is by implementing professional treatments. Our team will visit your property to administer our preventative oil treatments in the spring and then will visit again in the summer to spray a foliar insecticide.

We can eliminate common insects like aphids, mites, and much more. Our insect control service also includes fertilization treatments to keep your trees and shrubs healthy. Our services are available in the Treasure Valley, Idaho area, including Middleton, Star, Eagle, Meridian, and Nampa.

The Zing Guarantee

We want our customers to be absolutely delighted by our services! If you have signed up for any of our full season programs and if for any reason you are not absolutely happy with our work, we won’t be happy either.

That means we will immediately send our team to fix the problem, no questions asked. We want you to be completely satisfied with our services. Let us prove it to you!

Our Tree & Shrub Insect Treatment Schedule

Tiny insects can make a huge difference in the health of your trees and shrubs. When they begin to overrun your vegetation, it will not be long before you notice their negative impact on the foliage, branches, and other areas of your trees and shrubs. We provide our insect treatments beginning in early spring and continuing through summer.

In order to combat these pests, our crew will visit your property in early spring to apply a dormant oil spray to your plants. This preventative spray treatment will form a protective layer over the trunk, stems, and branches of your trees and shrubs by killing off any eggs that were laid. In late spring, we apply a soil fertilizer drench and insecticide treatment to stay ahead of insects. In the summer, we will apply a foliar insecticide spray to take care of any insects that may be present on your trees and shrubs and to keep them protected.

Early detection is key, so regular monitoring of your landscape is the first important step to minimizing insect damage which could be costly. There are a handful of common insects in our valley that can cause damage very quickly such as cotton maple scale, borers, and aphids. At each of our visits, our tree and shrub care team will keep our eye out for early signs of an insect issue and can recommend the best treatments which most often will require trunk injections along with our routine insecticide applications.

Our Treatments Eliminate Common Tree & Shrub Insects

When insects make their home in your trees and shrubs, they will begin eating away the bark, leaves, and other components of your plants. When you schedule our preventative treatments, we won’t let that happen! If insects are already posing a threat to your trees and shrubs, we are also committed to helping you identify and eliminate them. Our curative treatments are effective against a variety of common insects, including:

We ensure 100% satisfaction! If you still notice an insect problem after our treatments, we'll come back and fix it.

Professional tree and shrub fertilization can restore your plants to health.

After we get rid of the insects, your trees and shrubs may require some help recovering from any damage that they’ve suffered. Insects can cause your vegetation to become full of holes, wilted, and thin, all of which make them susceptible to a host of other problems. Thankfully, there is a way to help foster new growth and vitality in your plants, and it happens through fertilization. Our service includes fertilizer treatments throughout the year that will supply your trees and shrubs will the essential nutrients that they need to stay nice and strong.

Call us today to schedule our tree and shrub insect control service.

At Zing Services, we are committed to helping your plants thrive! Our team uses preventative and curative treatments to evict pesky insects from your large plants like trees and shrubs so that they can continue growing healthy and strong. We offer our tree and shrub insect control service to the Treasure Valley, Middleton, Star, and nearby areas in Idaho. Give us a call today at 208-585-9400 to schedule an appointment. We look forward to working with you to help you keep your trees and shrubs protected.

Our Fertilization Program Improves Growth and Health for Strong, Beautiful Trees and Shrubs

A professional tree and shrub fertilization program will help your large plants thrive.

Trees and shrubs are some of the most low-maintenance plants to have on your landscape. However, even though these plants are not demanding, it is important to note that they require services like fertilization each year in order to help them thrive and create outstanding curb appeal. We offer tree and shrub fertilization as part of a program that runs throughout the spring, summer, and fall seasons each year.

Our fertilizer contains nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, and will fortify your large plants with all they need to sustain healthy growth. This service will also include applications of dormant oil and insecticides to further protect your plants. Sign up today if you are a property owner in the Treasure Valley, Middleton, Star, ID or a nearby area in the Treasure Valley.

Our tree and shrub fertilization program will provide your plants with nourishment throughout the year.

Trees and shrubs are majestic and full of life when they are able to thrive under professional care. We offer our tree and shrub fertilization service to make taking care of your large plants as easy as possible. When you sign up for this service, our team will visit your property several times throughout the year to nourish your plants with our high-quality fertilizer.

With every treatment that we apply, your vegetation will receive the nutrients it needs to grow and sustain healthy foliage and root systems. Each treatment is specifically designed to provide deep nourishing benefits for the roots of your plants and enhance their overall health as the nutrients seep into your soil. Our program spans the spring, summer, and fall seasons.

Well-maintained trees and shrubs will boost the aesthetic of your curb appeal!

What's in our tree and shrub fertilizer?

Our team understands the importance of using a well-balanced tree and shrub fertilizer that includes essential nutrients that foster healthy growing vegetation. Our fertilizers are packed with valuable nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Here’s what you should know about each of these nutrients:


Nitrogen is the nutrient in fertilizer that is responsible for growing thicker, fuller, and greener foliage.


Phosphorus helps your plants develop strong, hardy root systems so that they are well-planted in the soil.


Potassium is essential for your plants, as it gives them the strength to withstand stressful conditions like drought, diseases, and insect infestations.

By providing trees and shrubs with these vital nutrients, you can avoid common tree issues such as chlorosis which can easily lead to tree loss. Weakened trees also invite other diseases and insect invasions. As Benjamin Franklin wisely stated, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

We will treat your trees and shrubs with an application of dormant oil and insecticide treatments throughout the season.

When you sign up for our tree and shrub fertilization program, our team will also administer treatments that protect your plants in other ways as well. We will treat your vegetation with an application of dormant oil and insecticide treatments over the course of 3 separate visits. In the spring, we’ll apply the dormant oil to kill off any insect larvae that may be residing on your plants. On a separate spring visit and again in the summer, our team will apply an insecticide treatment to protect your trees and shrubs from pesky insects.

Call today to sign up for our tree and shrub fertilization service.

We believe that fertilization is the key to keeping your plants both healthy and strong throughout the year. At Zing Services, we offer an exceptional tree and shrub fertilization service to help prepare your vegetation for whatever conditions may come! This service is available in and around the Treasure Valley, Idaho, and in nearby areas like Middleton, Star, and Meridian. Call us today at 208-585-9400 to schedule our service.

Improve the Health of Your Trees & Shrubs with Effective Disease Control Services

We offer expert diagnosis and effective treatments to eliminate tree and shrub diseases.

The trees and shrubs on your property improve the quality of your air, provide shade, and add their own unique character to your curb appeal. Since these beautiful plants give so much to your property, it is imperative that you take care of them in order to permit them to continue improving your surroundings. Maintaining strong and healthy trees is your best protection against disease, injury, and loss. Here at Zing Services, we help your trees thrive and guard them against disease.

If your large plants ever experience tree and shrub diseases, we’ve got you covered. Our tree and shrub disease control service provides treatments for common diseases such as anthracnose, fire blight, and more. Our services are available to residential, commercial, and HOA properties in the Treasure Valley area, such as the Middleton and Star, ID communities.

Our Tree & Shrub Disease Control Program

At Zing Services, we offer a tree and shrub disease program that is designed to nurture your plants back to health. When we arrive at your property, we will carefully inspect your trees and shrubs to see what kind of disease is affecting them and how severe the damage is. Once we diagnose the problem, we will develop a treatment plan that is designed to stop the spread of the disease right away and help your plants recover back to full health as quickly as possible.

Our tree care team can walk through your property with you to identify trees that need immediate attention and provide you with an overall care treatment program.

We treat common tree and shrub diseases including anthracnose, fire blight, and more.

Like with any plant disease, tree and shrub diseases will spread when there are no treatment measures in place to stop them. Our team has noticed that there are certain diseases in Idaho that create problems throughout the year for large plants. The most menacing tree and shrub diseases that we recommend you keep an eye out for include:


Another common fungal disease, chlorosis, will cause the leaves of your plants to turn yellow and give off an unhealthy appearance. This disease is caused by a lack of iron or manganese, both of which are needed to form chlorophyll.

Fire Blight

Fire blight is a disease that is caused by bacteria. It results in the leaves and blossoms of your plant becoming withered and brown. Its branches can begin weakening and turning black in color, almost as if they have been burnt by fire.


Anthracnose is a fungal disease that impacts sycamore, oak, ash, and maple trees. The damage surfaces as weakened leaves that become reddish-brown or black in color. The branches of your plants will begin breaking and splitting as a result of the accumulated stress that this disease causes.

Tree Sunscald

Sunscald is a bacterial disease that occurs as a result of extreme heat damage and drought conditions. When your plant is exposed to direct sunlight, it can develop damaged tissues and peeling or cracks throughout its bark.

Save your trees and shrubs with professional disease control

You can save your trees and shrubs by signing up for our professional disease control program. Our team has experience in curing some of the most common plant diseases found in Idaho and will create a curative plan for your vegetation. We offer our tree and shrub disease control program to residential, commercial, and HOA properties in the Treasure Valley, ID, and nearby communities like Middleton, Star, Meridian, and Nampa. Call us today at 208-585-9400 to schedule! We are standing by and ready to help you nurture your trees and shrubs back to health!