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Perimeter Pest Control Keeps Your Home & Structures Insect-Free

Our perimeter pest control service protects your property consistently from pests such as ants and spiders.

Pests can be a nuisance any time of the year and our perimeter pest control service ensures they won’t be a bother inside your home or office.

Our pest control treatments protect your home or business through liquid and granular applications throughout the year. Targeted, recurring treatments ensure a season-long blanket of protection so insects won’t find their way inside your home or office.

Our perimeter pest control schedule consists of six applications starting in early spring, through the summer, to late fall. During these visits, our team will spray your foundation and get rid of any webs or nests that they encounter.

You can rest easy knowing that our treatments protect against many types of bugs and insects, some of which include wasps, spiders, and ants. Our company offers perimeter pest control treatments to properties located in Middleton, Star, Eagle, Meridian, Nampa, ID, and surrounding areas throughout the Treasure Valley.

The Zing Guarantee

We want our customers to be absolutely delighted by our services! If you have signed up for any of our full season programs and if for any reason you are not absolutely happy with our work, we won’t be happy either.

That means we will immediately send our team to fix the problem, no questions asked. We want you to be completely satisfied with our services. Let us prove it to you!

Our perimeter pest control treatments create a protective barrier around your home or business.

Insects will use any opportunity to enter your home or business. Common places that pests gain access inside include cracks or holes in your foundation, door cracks, spots where wires enter into your building, etc. Our team will create a complete insect barrier around your home or business to ensure that there are no spots where pests can slip through.

Our team members will remove any webs or nests that we come in contact with when we treat your property.

We use both liquid and granular pest control treatments.

Our perimeter pest control schedule consists of six applications of insecticide throughout the year. Five of these applications are liquid treatments. Our perimeter liquid spray product covers the foundation of your home or business, around windows, and around doors.

The remaining application is a mid-summer granular, slow-release treatment that is applied around the foundation of your home or office and extends out five feet from the building’s foundation. This application creates a barrier that insects won’t cross, thereby preventing crawling pests from getting inside or infesting around your building’s foundation.

We offer protection against many types of pests including spiders and ants.

Our perimeter pest control program offers protection from many pests common to the the Treasure Valley, ID areas. We protect your property against many of the common insects including:

The key to effective pest control is consistency. Having routine treatments will keep unwanted pests at bay all year long.

Whether you are an existing lawn care customer or a new one, our perimeter pest control program compliments our lawn care program.

No one wants a pest issue inside their home or business. That is why we have experienced technicians on our team who can help rid your property of pests like spiders, ants, and wasps.

Our perimeter pest control program compliments the 5 visits of our lawn care program and can easily be done on the same visit. However, you do not have to be an existing lawn care customer to take advantage of our perimeter pest control service.

Our services in the Treasure Valley, ID area, including Middleton, Star, Eagle, Meridian and Nampa have been proven highly effective over the last 14 years. If your home or business is located nearby, call us at 208-585-9400 to get a quote for our perimeter pest treatments to keep pests controlled on your property today!

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