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Now is a Good Time to Prune Your Trees & Shrubs


Feb. 16, 2018


What Time of Year Should You Prune?

Pruning can be done at any time of the year with proper care and knowledge, but certain times are better than others. Pruning in early spring while the tree is still in a dormancy stage is a good time as the tree’s energy reserves are high and branches are visible and easier to see. With early spring pruning, new plant tissue will start to the cover the wounds more quickly during this most rapid period of tree growth. With fall pruning, tree wounds may be susceptible to decay and disease throughout the winter months. Avoid pruning when the plant tissue is frozen during winter months as frozen wood can be brittle and break easily causing an undesirable wound. Pruning stresses trees because wound repair requires energy from food while pruning removes those food reserves. It is recommended to not prune more than 25% of the tree and any one given time. Younger trees can withstand heavier pruning than mature and aging trees can. Be sure to use sharp, well-maintained tools for clean cuts.

Why Prune?

Pruning is the purposeful removal of plant parts for the health of the tree, to avoid hazards, and for aesthetic purposes. Pruning for tree health involves removal of insect or disease infested branches, broken or dead branches, and crowding branches. Pruning to avoid hazards includes removal of dead and decaying branches, branches extending into driveways, sidewalks, streets, etc. and branches interfering with utility lines (keep in mind that federal regulations prohibit unqualified and untrained persons from working within 10 feet of electrical wires). Pruning for aesthetic purposes involves pruning for tree form or shape by removing crowding branches, suckers, and competing leaders.

Who Should Prune?

While anyone can lightly prune their smaller trees and shrubs, hiring a certified and state licensed Arborist will ensure a professional and safe pruning. Here are a few informational articles about pruning: Pruning Landscape Trees: An OverviewHow To Prune Deciduous Landscape Trees

Warmer Temperatures May Foster Early Arrival of Insects

Feb 7, 2018


Each season brings its own challenges and we are reminded that Mother Nature is in total control. The Treasure Valley has had some interesting temperature swings these last couple of winters and our trees have had to do their best to adjust to the conditions given to them. Our trees and plants don’t wear watches or adhere to any kind of calendar. Their systems are regulated primarily by the seasonal changes in cold and warm weather patterns.

We began our Dormant Oil applications this week to try to help homeowners get ahead of any insect invasions this year. Dormancy refers to the time of year when deciduous trees and shrubs have lost their leaves and are not actively growing. Dormant oil sprays can be used any time between leaf drop in the fall and bud break in the spring.

The purpose of Dormant Oil applications is to kill mites and insects, such as scales and aphids, that spent the winter on the trees and shrubs. With the warmer than normal winter we had we highly recommend adding this service to your trees and shrubs this month. Call or email us today for a FREE ESTIMATE for a Dormant oil application at (208) 585-9400 or info@zingidaho.com! Your trees will thank you!

Here is an article from the University of Colorado with more information on Dormant Oil use: Insect Control: Horticultural Oils

There are many elements that can jeopardize the health and even the lives of our trees in and around the Treasure Valley including aphids, borers, mites, iron chlorosis, nutrient deficiency and more. Feel free to call or email us with any concerns you may have about the health of your trees. You can reach us at (208) 585-9400 or by email info@zingidaho.com.

Spread the Love ~ Trees Need TLC Too

Feb. 1 2018

Mature and healthy trees offer shade, beauty, and increased value to your property if they are given proper attention and a little “TLC”. They vary significantly in their maintenance requirements. Proper care and added nutrients and insect control can aid in establishing health and vitality to your trees and shrubs. If left to battle the ailments on their own they can easily succumb to disease and insects and could eventually wither away.

Many of us have enjoyed the unseasonably warmer temperatures this winter, but these conditions may present the early arrival of insects and pests. Starting a tree care program now will help combat the possible early onset of insect damage this year.

Call or email us today at (208) 585-9400 or info@zingidaho.com to inquire into our tree care program. Your trees and shrubs will thank you! We offer FREE estimates and FREE Annual Tree Care Consultations. We will be starting our Dormant Oil applications this month which can significantly help reduce the likelihood of insect invasions on your trees and shrubs.

Lawn & Tree Care Team Attends Idaho Horticulture Expo in Boise, ID


January 23, 2018

Our lawn and tree care applicators attended the Idaho Horticulture Expo in downtown Boise last week. They attend this conference each January to update their licensing certification. We are proud to call these men part of our professional team. They are great guys and take pride in their work! Some of the courses they attended include:

All of these gentlemen make Zing who we are and we couldn’t take care of all our clients without them! Now they are back to joining our other crew members in getting all the rest of our lights down 

FREE Annual Tree Care Consultations

January 8, 2018


Mature trees are perhaps the most valuable part of your landscape. Trees are susceptible to a wide array of insects and diseases that could damage this value. They also vary significantly in their maintenance requirements.

We can arrange a time each year for you to walk your property with our Arborist and discuss any issues that we see. We can then work with you to develop the most effective maintenance program for your specific situation and types of trees.  Knowing what different trees require and when to address those needs is critical to successful tree care.  Our professional Arborist will even come prepared to treat most tree problems that are prevalent in the Treasure Valley the same day.

Call or email us today to take advantage of our FREE Annual Tree Care Consultations today!  (208) 585-9400 or info@zingidaho.com.

2018 Lawn Care Program Renewals ~ Take Advantage of our 5% Prepay Discount


January 2, 2018


Thank you for choosing Zing for your lawn, tree and shrub care services. We work hard to provide great services that simplify your life and keep your landscape healthy. Having a regular care program for your lawn, trees and shrubs will help prevent disease and insects while providing you with a great looking landscape. We are currently renewing all of our season long programs for 2018. Once again we are offering the following payment options:

Zing Prepay 5% Discount Program (our most popular payment program)
Prepay now for all of your season long packages and save 5%. You can pay online, over the phone, or by mailing in a check. Prepayments are due before March 1, 2018 to receive the 5% discount. Please contact our office to sign up for the prepay program.  Prepay letters for existing clients will be mailed this week.

Zing Easy Pay Program
First: We visit your property for the scheduled service visit.
Second: On the Monday after our visit we e-mail an invoice for the service(s) completed.
Third: On the Wednesday of the week following the service we charge the credit card on file for the work that was done. All credit card data is confidential and protected in our software. Please contact our office to sign up for the easy pay program and to provide us with your credit card information.

Zing Pay As We Go Program

We will e-mail an invoice for the service(s) completed on the Monday after our visit. You can stick a check in the mail for the amount due or call our office to make a payment over the phone. Please contact our office to let us know you would like to sign up for this program.

Whichever payment plan you choose your services will continue just as the year before unless you notify us to discontinue service. Notification must be made to our office by March 1, 2018.

Please call or email us today to notify us of your 2018 payment preference for your services this year! (208) 585-9400 or info@zingidaho.com.

Christmas Light Take Downs

January 1, 2018

We wanted to inform you about our light take down process. Our success relies heavily on the weather and the conditions on roofs and in gutters. When roofs and gutters are frozen it is far better to wait for a slight warming for two reasons: First, it keeps our crews safe, and second, in icy conditions lights and clips are frozen into gutters and easily break. So far conditions are looking much better for take downs than they did this time last year. We started removals today, with a hope of having everyone’s lights down in January.

In the many seasons we have been removing Christmas lights, we typically have everyone’s lights down by the end of January, with the exception of last year of course. We will be removing lights systematically throughout the valley in a geographical order. You do not need to call us to schedule your take down. Also we will not be calling ahead to schedule your removal. We appreciate all of our clients cooperation, patience and understanding as we work safely and quickly to get everyone’s lights down.

If you have a special request regarding your take down please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate. You can call us at (208) 585-9400 or email us at info@zingidaho.com.

Happy New Year from all of us at Zing!

January 1, 2018

Happy New Year to all of our clients! We hope you had a great 2017 and enjoyed your holiday season with family and loved ones. We wish you a fabulous 2018 and look forward to another great year providing services for you! Thank you for your continued business!



If you are thinking about installing Christmas lights this season give us a call! Let our experienced crews do the crazy work for you! We’ve done it enough times to avoid any “Chevy Chase” disasters  We’ve been installing lights for almost 10 years now. Professional installations, maintenance throughout the season, removal and storage. Give us a call today! 208-585-9400




January 10, 2017 | Jed Wyatt

Obviously weather is going to play a major role in our ability to get lights down this year. When roofs are frozen it is far better to wait for a slight warming for two reasons: first, it keeps our crews safe, and second, in icy conditions lights and clips are frozen into gutters and easily break. In the many seasons we have installed Christmas lights, only once were we not able to get everyone’s lights down in the month of January. Even then it was only a few homes that we were able to finish the first week of February. We hope that the warmer weather forcasted next week will allow us to meet our goal of having everyone’s lights down in January. If our current weather persists it will push our takedown process back. As soon as the weather breaks we will working as efficiently as we can. We will be removing lights systematically throughout the valley in a geographical order. You do not need to call us to schedule your takedown and we will not be calling ahead to schedule removal. If you have a special request regarding your takedown please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate.