How a Lawn Winterizing Application in the Fall Pays Off in the Spring

A fall lawn winterizing application promotes deep root development, quicker spring green-up, and effective weed control. This is the most important lawn application of the season.

Feed Your Lawn Well With a Lawn Winterizing Application Before Its Dormancy Season


If You Only Fertilize Once a Year, Now is the Time To Do It.

As the weather turns cooler during fall, our landscapes begin to prepare for their dormancy stage. They know that they must survive through the cold and dry winter months so they begin to store nutrients down into their root systems. By feeding your lawn at this time with a slow-release fertilizer application, your lawn will store these nutrients down deep to survive during dormancy. Slow-release fertilizers will utilize fluctuating temperatures and moisture from the morning dew and rain this fall and early winter to reach their optimum performance.

There are so many lawns out there that look starved and dead from early winter into late spring because they were not properly fed and nourished prior to dormancy. They tend to be the last ones around to perk up and turn green in the spring. You can always tell which lawns have been fed and which ones have not. What you do in the fall helps determine your lawn’s health the next season.

By feeding your lawn well in late fall, come spring it will perk up the quickest and you’ll love having the greenest lawn on the block!

One Effective Way to Get Ahead of Weeds is to Treat Them in Late Fall

By adding a late fall weed control application, you will get a good jump on the weeds your property may face next spring. Unlike the active growing season, in the fall plants begin preparing for winter by moving nutrients produced by photosynthesis to the roots for winter storage instead of sending these nutrients to its leaves and branches for growth. If herbicides are applied in late fall in a lawn winterizing application, the chemicals are transported by the plant to the roots along with the nutrients, killing the entire plant instead of just the parts above the soil surface.

It is important that your lawn is nutrient-packed and protected before it is put to bed for the winter. Come spring, it will perk up quickly and you will have a great jump start on controlling and minimizing weed development.

Don’t Put Off Feeding and Treating Your Lawn Until Spring


Now is the Key Time to Take Care of Next Season’s Lawn Health and Weed Control.

You can read more about our lawn fertilizing and weed control program on our website. You can also request an estimate for a lawn winterizing application by clicking here. At Zing Services, we offer fall winterizing applications to commercial, residential, and HOA properties in the Treasure Valley, Middleton, Star, ID, and nearby areas in the Treasure Valley. Call us today at 208-585-9400 to schedule your treatment this fall.