How Often Should I Fertilize My Lawn in Idaho?

When caring for your lawn, one of the most important things you can do to keep it beautiful and healthy is to remember to regularly apply fertilizer to it. However, many homeowners aren’t quite sure how often to fertilize throughout the year. If you don’t fertilize your lawn enough, you end up depriving your grass of the nutrients it needs. Conversely, you also don’t want to overfertilize your lawn because you risk creating ideal conditions for disease, which can be equally as damaging to your turf.

For lawns in Idaho, it is ideal to spread your fertilization schedule throughout the year with two applications in spring, two applications in summer, and then ending with one final application in late fall. By following this schedule, you can ensure your grass will continue to receive a steady supply of nutrients to stay lush, green, and healthy!

Apply Lawn Fertilizer Twice in the Spring

During the spring season, you should aim to have your lawn fertilized twice. The first application should be scheduled in early spring. At the start of spring, your grass is emerging from winter dormancy. Your turf is pretty weak at this time, so it needs all the help it can get to green up quickly. Supplying your grass with nutrients at this time is a great way to kickstart the growing season.

The second round of spring fertilization should be applied midway through the season to help your grass gear up for the warmer months ahead. With extra nutrients on its side, your turf will have a much easier time tolerating heat.

Pair your fertilizer treatment with weed control to ensure weeds aren’t stealing the nutrients away from your grass!

Apply Lawn Fertilizer Twice in the Summer

Just like in the spring, your lawn should be fertilized twice over the summer. The first treatment should be applied at the beginning of the season. This application will provide your grass with the nutrients it needs to handle the summer heat. Summer is a high-stress period for your lawn because the heat from the sun dries out your grass and soil. So, it needs the extra nutrients to boost its stress tolerance and establish a strong root system.

The second fertilizer treatment of the season should be applied in late summer. As the summer continues to march on, your grass will eventually exhaust those nutrients applied at the beginning, and it will need additional nutrients to continue to survive and thrive. The extra nutrients provided at this time will also help your lawn grow and flourish as the weather cools down in the fall.

Apply Lawn Fertilizer Once Towards the End of Fall

In the fall, your lawn should be in a good place because of the cooler temperatures. Therefore, it only needs one fertilizer treatment to prepare itself for the subsequent winter months. In winter, your grass will fall into dormancy due to the cold weather, and it’s going to need a supply of nutrients to help it survive in this dormant state. This treatment should be scheduled later in the season so that it can utilize the extra nutrients right before the weather turns.

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