5 Benefits of a Professional Christmas Light Service

Most homeowners are not comfortable getting on their rooftop or do not have the time and necessary equipment to install Christmas lights. Having professional Christmas lights installed on your home can save you hassle and bring you a lot of joy over the holidays.

1. Safety is the Key Reason

One of the primary advantages of hiring a professional Christmas light installation service is safety. Installing outdoor Christmas lights on rooftops and trees can be challenging for many homeowners due to time constraints or physical limitations. Moreover, it can be a dangerous job since the average homeowner may lack the experience or equipment required to safely climb rooftops, especially during winter conditions.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) records an average of 200 decorating-related injuries each day during the Christmas season, with half of them being falls. In 2019, six deaths occurred, and in 2018, approximately 17,500 people required emergency room treatment due to holiday decorating accidents. Professional Christmas light installation services avoid these dangers for homeowners.

Professional installers are trained and have the proper equipment to work safely at heights. They spend the entire holiday season working on roofs, which makes them experts with using ladders, working on rooftops, and dealing with heights. They also undergo yearly comprehensive safety training to ensure a safe and efficient work environment. This experience and training significantly reduce the risk of accidents or mishaps by homeowners attempting to do it themselves for a day or two each year.

With over a decade of experience installing Christmas lights, Zing is comfortable working on rooftops.

2. Saves Time & Effort So You Can Enjoy the Holidays

The holiday season is a busy time for everyone. Professional Christmas light installation services can help save valuable time and simplify holiday preparations. By having lights installed early in the season helps avoid the post-Thanksgiving rush and avoids rooftop work in winter conditions. Homeowners can spend their time doing other holiday preparations and activities with family and friends instead of worrying about installing their outdoor Christmas lights.

A beautiful, clean, and custom-fit Christmas light installation can add warmth and holiday charm to your home and neighborhood. You can view examples of bulb color patterns on Zing’s Christmas Lighting Gallery.

3. You Can Tailor Professional Christmas Lights

When homeowners install their holiday lights, they often use lower-quality bulbs available in stores. These bulbs are prone to breaking down and need frequent replacements. Some may also use old and worn-out light strings, which can pose safety concerns. Christmas lighting professionals use high-quality, commercial-grade LED bulbs that last longer, are durable, and break-resistant. This ensures homeowners a cost-effective and safer solution. Furthermore, professionally maintained Christmas lights throughout the season are less likely to cause safety hazards or disruptions, guaranteeing a peaceful and enjoyable holiday season.

What also sets professional Christmas lighting services apart is the ability to customize holiday lights to each property. The lights are expertly custom-cut to precisely fit the peaks and gutters of homes and commercial buildings, resulting in a pristine and professional appearance that can be difficult to achieve with store-bought lights. Customized extension cords are carefully managed, eliminating unsightly tangles and ensuring a seamless and aesthetically pleasing installation. Commercial-grade Christmas lights can also be tailored to homeowner preferences. Each bulb is individually screwed in place, offering a wide range of pattern and color options to fit your style.

4. Saves Space & Gives You Peace of Mind

Professional lighting services provide an often-overlooked benefit: space-saving convenience. Allowing the installation service to store the lights after takedown means you no longer need to worry about finding storage space during the rest of the year. This not only frees up valuable space in your home but also ensures that the lights are carefully and safely stored until the next holiday season, ready to be installed year after year.

5. Spreads Holiday Cheer & Attracts More Business

Professional holiday lighting brings many advantages to both residential neighborhoods and businesses. In residential areas, beautiful Christmas lights brighten homes and streets generating a warm and inviting holiday ambiance, fostering a strong sense of community.

For businesses, professional holiday lights serve as a powerful marketing tool. They enhance storefronts and commercial properties, attracting more customers and increasing sales during the Christmas season.

Additionally, festive light displays create a memorable and inviting atmosphere that contributes to long-term brand recognition, encourages return visits, and builds customer loyalty.

You can read more about our Christmas light installation service on our website. You can also request an estimate for a Christmas light installation by clicking here. At Zing Services, we offer Christmas light installation services to commercial, residential, and HOA properties in the Treasure Valley, Middleton, Star, ID, and nearby areas in the Treasure Valley.

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