Healthy Landscape Greenery Improves Our Communities

Landscape greenery and elements can frame your property and add visual interest. Even small touches like flowering or low-maintenance shrubs can improve the aesthetics of your home and neighborhood.

Healthy and beautiful greenery in your landscape not only looks appealing, but also reduces water run-off and weeds. Weeds and plants compete for space and nutrients so keeping a healthy landscape will reduce their invasion.

Here are some ways healthy landscape greenery improves our communities:

Taking Care of Landscape Greenery is an Investment Into Our Well-Being.

We all enjoy time spent in beautiful outdoor spaces. It can provide us a reprieve from the mental and physical demands our jobs and responsibilities ask of us. Stress and anxiety lessen, moods improve, heart rates lower, and our mental stamina is rejuvenated.

We appreciate the time and attention given to the landscape greenery that surrounds our communities and homes. We too can do our part to keep our outdoor spaces healthy, tidy and well-kept.

A great resource for learning how to care for your outdoor landscape and garden needs here in Idaho is through the University of Idaho Extension Department. They have a great list of publications you can find on their website.

Beautiful Greenery Invites Outdoor Activity.

Heat can discourage people from spending time outdoors during the hot summer months, especially here in the Treasure Valley. According to Trees-Energy-Conservation, “Under tree canopies, temperatures can be up to ten degrees lower than in direct sunlight. This creates the perfect space for people to walk, meet with friends, and take breaks from work.” Picnics in the park and walks along the green belt and in our neighborhoods are much more enjoyable with beautiful trees and landscaping.

Trees and landscape elements add color, structure, and focal points within the landscape. They also provide shelter, comfort, and privacy to our surroundings. Birds and other wildlife are attracted to trees and vegetation which can add interest and beauty to our spaces. Besides, who doesn’t like to enjoy the sights and sounds of trees and their visitors? Improving the aesthetic appeal of our properties with beautiful and healthy landscaping improves its value and attractiveness as well.

Beautiful trees from an aerial view in Boise, ID.

Trees Extend the Life of Structure Materials Such as Pavement, Roofing, Siding, etc.

UV radiation is a primary factor in the gradual deterioration of our structural materials. This can happen over a period of days, months, or years depending on the intensity. Trees simply shade surface materials from direct sunlight and extend their life period.

Large & Healthy Trees Reduce Noise Pollution & Urban Water Run-Off.

Any form of herbaceous material such as trees and shrubs absorb and deflect sound energy. They act as natural buffers reducing urban noise pollution. Trees also intercept rainfall as this water and moisture clings to the surfaces of leaves, branches, and trunks. Trees are vital in preventing erosion and flash flooding.

According to the University of Idaho Extension Publication BUL884 “Trees for Southwestern Idaho Landscapes: Selection and Irrigation“, in Boise alone, the 29,000 plus publicly managed street trees intercept 19 million gallons of street water annually. This is a savings of roughly $96,000 in service costs to the city. Consider the additional savings generated from the privately owned service trees in our communities as well.

Landscape Trees Reduce Home Energy Costs.

Trees that shade your home can reduce the amount of energy your home uses during the hot summer months. Carefully planting deciduous trees near your home can shade your home during summer heat and invite sunlight in during winter months. Also, by shading your air conditioning unit it will operate more efficiently while shaded. Trees and vegetation can also reduce glare and reflection from direct light.

A Strong & Healthy Landscape Doesn’t Happen on its Own.

Having a regular maintenance program for your landscape will help it have the consistent care it requires. Most busy homeowners find it hard to establish and stay on top of a regular maintenance routine. If you are one that loves your outdoor spaces you most definitely know how much ongoing care and attention lawns and landscapes require in order to remain healthy and strong. Staying ahead and on top of the health and care of your lawn, trees, and shrubs is more cost-efficient than having to recover from the negative results of a neglected landscape.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” -Benjamin Franklin

Hiring a professional service company to come on a regular basis will help your property stay on top of weeds, insects, and disease so they don’t get out of hand. The less damage disease and insects do the less time and money you will have to invest in order to treat and remove them. Proper care and nutrients protect your landscape while also helping it withstand the seasonal temperature changes throughout the year.