Help Your Lawn & Landscape Survive a Drought Stricken Summer in Idaho

Everyone is aware of the lower-than-normal water levels in our reservoirs here in Idaho, and there could be days when your property will not receive the water it needs. However, there are a few things you can do this summer to help your lawn and landscape survive the heat and drought while also doing your part to reduce water usage!

Using correct and effective watering methods for your lawn is essential as well as planting drought-tolerant perennials in your landscaping. You can also use special fertilizer to help increase moisture retention, resulting in your lawn needing water less often!

By following these tips, despite the lack of water available, you can still have a wonderfully thriving lawn and landscape.

Effective watering methods are key to helping your lawn become drought-tolerant.

Irrigation sprinklers watering a landscape bed and lawn near Eagle, Idaho.


Underwatering and overwatering are the most common lawn mistakes made in our area, so make sure you’re using effective methods to water your lawn. Light and frequent watering cause a shallow lawn root system that can get scorched by the sun and is more susceptible to disease, insect, and drought damage.

Watering less frequently and more deeply is key to growing a drought-tolerant lawn. If you water 8-10″ deep and let the top inch or two of soil dry out between waterings, your grass will send its roots “searching” for water further down in the soil, resulting in a deeper root system. A deep and healthy root zone will enable a lawn to better tolerate summer heat and drought!

Use a soil probe or long screwdriver to test the moisture level in your soil and water as needed throughout the week.

Utilize drought-tolerant plants in your landscaping that will require less watering.


Drought tolerant yarrow flowers in bloom near Middleton, Idaho.


Another step you can take in reducing water usage is to plant drought-tolerant shrubs, grasses, and perennials in your landscape. As you begin your spring planting, visit your local nursery and ask for recommendations on what types of plants would best suit your needs and require less watering.

A few good choices include yarrow, fescue grasses, globemallows, bitterroot, and blanket flowers. With a high chance that we’ll have lower water levels this year, it’s well worth the effort to cover your bases and consider more of these drought and heat-tolerant plants.

In 2021, we had surplus water in reservoirs from 2020, but that isn’t the case for 2022, according to the Idaho Farm Bureau.

Fertilize with products that use peat moss as their binding ingredient to improve moisture retention.

There are fertilization products on the market that can help combat drought! Make sure you are using a fertilizer that helps retain moisture. These products will use peat moss as their binding ingredient, which can hold up to 20 times its weight in water!

Your lawn as a whole will be more tolerant to drought because, with improved moisture retention, it’ll be able to hold on to the water it does get for much longer. And, of course, the fertilizer will still contain much-needed nutrients to nourish your grass for healthy, strong growth.

We can help keep your lawn hydrated. Call us today to enroll in our lawn care program that includes fertilization and more!

Water is essential for a landscape to grow and thrive during the summer, and here at Zing Services, we don’t take this lightly. We’re proud to say that we’ve integrated a new fertilizer that helps retain moisture into our lawn care program, called ProPEAT.

ProPEAT fertilizer is locally manufactured right here in Idaho, increases plant and soil health, will help keep your lawn hydrated, and is released at a steady rate to avoid excessive growth.

Our team will visit your property five times yearly and deliver nourishment, weed control, and more. This program is available to commercial, residential, and HOA property owners in the Treasure Valley area including the Treasure Valley, ID and nearby cities like Middleton and Star.

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